RealWorld Evaluation
Additional RWE materials
Occasionally we add more evaluation capacity building resource materials here that can be useful in self-learning or training others on evaluation. 

There is a discussion listserv where practical examples of applying RealWorld Evaluation are shared, including methods for reconstructing baselines or determining counterfactual data. (See more on Counterfactual page.) To join that discussion send a blank e-message to

At the AEA-CDC Summer Evaluation Institute in Atlanta the RWE workshop was divided into two 3-hour sessions.  The PowerPoint presentations used during those sessions are available here: Part I - Getting Started, and Part II - Advanced Applications.

Here is the version of the RWE PowerPoint used for a 2-day version of the RWE workshop (for the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Helsinki, September, 2012).

RWE Author Jim Rugh receives AEA Myrdal Evaluation Practice award.

On behalf of IOCE, making the case for more holistic perspectives on Impact Evaluation, Jim made a PowerPoint presentation to the NONIE conference in Paris March 28, 2011.  It is also available in text (PDF) format with the notes incorporated.

We've also prepared a brief presentation on frameworks for evaluating complex programs presented at the AEA 2011 conference.

Jim was interviewed on the subject of impact evaluation by the D+C journal in Germany.  See the article at

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