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Publically accessible documents:

A 30-page condensed summary of the 2nd edition of the RealWorld Evaluation book is often assigned as a reading assignment to prepare for RWE workshops.  An older 50-page condensed version of the summary chapter from the 1st edition of the RealWorld Evaluation book is available in English, Spanish and French.  There is also an 84-page version of the summary chapter (1st edition) with more tables.   

Also available is the PowerPoint used in RWE workshops: In English (3-hour version used at AEA Summer Evaluation Institute in Atlanta June 2015); in English (1-day version used at AEA pre-conference workshop 2012); or English (2-day version this one during a 2-day professional development workshop for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, 28-29 September 2012); also available in French (used during the AfrEA conference in Accra, Ghana, January 2012) and Russian (IPEN conference in Tbilisi, Georgia 2004) and Spanish (RWE workshop at the ReLAC conference in San Jose, Costa Rica on July 26, 2010) and a Portuguese version used for the Brazilian M&E Network conference in Brasilia June 1, 2011.

The RWE PPT presentations I (Jim Rugh) use for RWE workshops are constantly evolving. Here is the version I used for a workshop for NGO staff supported by UNOPS/LIFT in Myanmar on March 10, 2016.  And the customized case study for the LIFT workshop; another used for DCED in Bangkok the following week.

A 31-page booklet on this subject ("Conducting Quality Impact Evaluations under Budget, Time and Data Constraints") is available in English or Spanish from the World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group website.

An example of the use of the RWE Threats to Validity Checklist in a paper presented at AEA 2007: A framework for assessing the quality, conclusion validity and utility of evaluations.  Experience from international development and lessons for developed countries.

See the "Additional RWE Materials" tab for more resource documents and presentations on RWE and related subjects.

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